Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sick again?

The headache, nausea, and weakness have put me in bed for three days now. I was/am very sick. I have not felt this bad since my low pressure headache back in February. Well this time Dr. Henderson believes it is a high pressure headache. If you remember back when I had the tethered cord surgery, they did a lumbar puncture and my pressure was 41. The high end of normal pressure is 15 so I am very far from that. I was not having symptoms at the time. Unfortunately, the symptoms have come on me very rapidly. I was fine for weeks and was feeling better than ever. Although I am very grateful of those days, it does feel like such a tease. Dr. Henderson did start me back on Diamox for the pressure. This medicine is HORRID to take. It has horrible side affects that can sometimes seem worse than the original problem. If this medicine works and helps my symptoms, then we know it is definitely high pressure and I have to consider a shunt. :( I really don't even like talking about the dreaded "S" word. They are easily infected and may need lots of revisions. I have always know this was a possibility. I was originally diagnosed with this way back three years ago at Baptist Hospital, then at the Mayo Clinic they said I was misdiagnosed and did not have inter cranial hypertension. I am going to take the diamox and see what happens. This medicine works very quickly and I should now within a few days. Please pray that I will know what the right decision is to do about the shunt. Thank you!

On another note I am going to my Senior Prom. I figured that since I missed out on everything else my whole high school career that I better go and have fun at least one night. There are 32 days of school left. Filling out graduation announcements and invitations makes graduation seem so real. It has flown by, even not being there. Please also pray that I feel great for both of these days. They are both huge steps from where I started. :)


  1. Hi Emily. I think I've posted here once before. I have Chiari and intracrainial hypertension as well. I was on Diamox for a long time and HATED it. I had a shunt inserted in 2004 and it was the BEST decision. I have had very few headaches since!! I was lucky with no infections and no shunt failures or revisions. I know I am a lucky one, but you may be, too! It is something to think about! You are in my prayers, hon!!

    1. Im glad your shunt is working out for you! It looks like I will be going down the shunt road sooner rather than later. Thanks for The prayers. :)