Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kidneys, a project, and a new blog suggestion!

I have been in so much pain today. NOT because of a headache or my EDS, but because kidney stones/pain. I already have two, but I either have another one or the other two grew. I am heading to the urology sick clinic in the morning. No time to be sick, since this is the beginning of graduation week and only 9 days until surgery.

My sister, Baylie did her final project for her English class about me and my health journey. She did such an AWESOME job. I was in tears. I uploaded the video to YouTube and will post the link below so everyone can view it. She has been so tough through all of this and has always been there for me, her and Lily both.

It is much easier to live this life everyday than to hear it or read it out loud. When you are living it you do what you have to do without thinking about it too much, but when you are reading or saying it it sounds so much worse. I guess that's why I don't really like attention or to have to tell someone about it everywhere I go. I just realize how bad off I really was or still am when I say it.

Also, my best friend Jade just made a blog called 'Creative Junkie'. She would love to have some new followers, so if you have a minute stop by and read it and leave her a comment. Thanks! :)
If you have a blog let me know the name of it in the comment section, so I can check it out.

This is the link to the project Baylie did on me.


  1. The video is amazing. You can tell just how much love you have in your life. I think that is what has kept you so strong. I will check out Jade's blog, but need to wait until after work.

  2. Thank you! I thought it was great too. :)