Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lots to Catch up on!

(Dr. Henderson and I)

Who would of known that going to a Chiari Walk in Winder, Georgia would have lead us to Maryland to a great, I mean awesome, amazing, caring neurosurgeon named Dr. Faser Henderson???? Well it did and I am 6 weeks out of surgery today.

We waited 3 months to see Dr. Henderson. He is one out of 6 neurosurgeons to know or even perform cranial instability surgery in the country. We saw him on December 2nd 2011 and had surgery December 14th, 2011. That is the day my life changed forever!!! He removed part of my rib and fused my C1 and C2 vertebre together to make it more stable. He also did further decompression. My brain stem was bent in half and it was a life or death situation that no other neurosurgeon knew about. Ehlers Danlos plays a huge role in this.

While waiting in pre-op I was hooked to millions of things and people where in and out asking me one million and one questions and before they came to take me for surgery Dr. Henderson came and prayed with me and my family. Now what doctor does that??? I then proceeded to fall asleep and be taken back for surgery, 4 hours later I was in recovery. I did not have any complications except for low blood pressure. I remained in the hospital for 4 days which is no bigger than Rowan Regional, but wonderful.

I just returned from my 6 week post op appt and everything went well and as planned. I do have and infection called pseudomonas, but he was not concerned. I will see him again in 6 weeks for more testing. I will have a urodynamic study, weight bearing MRI to check my hardware from surgery and a lumbar MRI to check my spine out about the tethered cord. I hope these 6 weeks fly by because I am experiencing severe leg and back pain to the point that it hurts to walk. He assured me that was normal due to the tethered cord.

On another note, please keep a friend in your prayers as she had the same surgery as I did today with Dr. Henderson, but has some complications. It is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for all the prayers and support.


  1. Finding such a wonderful surgeon is a blessing but not a coincidence. I believe you were meant to find one another.

    My boys have just such a surgeon for themselves. They began seeing him when they were 3(Adam)& 5 (Ryan). He's still a big part of our life today and he's still our angel even though he doesn't believe that. __The greatest people are just so darn humble ;o)__

  2. I know how amazing he is from reading yours and your mom's posts on fb and caring bridge. I am so glad you found him. I hope all the testing in 6 weeks brings even more answers and relief your way. I will pray for your friend. Very sorry to hear she is having complications.