Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If it`s not one thing it`s another...

Believe me when I say I would love to share good news, but unfortunately that is not always the reality. The 20 mg upped dosage of prednisone by Doctor Henderson made me itch like a dog with fleas within an hour of taking it last night. I was miserable all night. I had to take two benadryl to make the itching stop and it only helped some. I was to the point of  wanting to go to the ER to get an IV so everything in my system would be flushed out.

Today I went to preschool for most of the day. It was so good to be back and the kids know just what to say to make you smile and laugh even on your worst day. The itching just kept getting worse. I had to leave. I came home took benadryl again and was out within 15 minutes. Mom talked to Doctor Henderson's office and they said it would be very rare if I was allergic to prednisone, but to start at my primary care doctor.

So off to Salisbury Pediatrics we go. My results from the cortisol testing came back and they are still low. That is what the prednisone is suppose to be helping. So here we have two issues with prednisone. It turns out I REALLY AM ALLERGIC TO PREDNISONE! Yep, I'm rare what can I say. My whole life is one big rare case and I have finally come to terms with that. I knew all along that it was the prednisone, but was trying to give it a chance. I just felt like I knew my body, and that was the cause. I have been through enough to know when somethings wrong. I`m not new at having medical issues and I`m not four.

So I am now on medicine for itching, and a different cortisol (cortisol is the hormone that controls your energy and helps manage stress) medicine. Lets hope this time I don`t get any of the rare side affects.

I am not allowed to go back to preschool for a while because of my low immune system. Just when I thought things where going to get back to semi normal....

Please pray these next few weeks until the 28th of February pass very quick. I can feel my legs and back getting worse everyday and it is harder to walk as each day passes.

Much love and hoping everyone has a pain free Wednesday!


  1. Praying that the 28th goes by really fast. And hope you stop being so itchy soon.

  2. My prayers are with you. I too had a feeling it was a medication. Glad they found a cause that should help with the itching anyway.

    1. It was to odd not to be the medicine. It was the only thing I was doing the same every day. The itching has stopped. So glad. Thanks for the prayers!