Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a weeked!

(Lily doing her full split...impressive)

Friday night I went and saw my sister Lily, cheer at her game. She was awesome, as always. Click on this link to watch them do their dance routine: Lily is the one doing the straddle split. Lily and I got that special talent. haha!  I was so glad to get out. Its just what I needed. We then went out to dinner at Monterrey. That was fun and my first time eating out with the family since surgery. :)

Saturday I slept in. It was a lazy day. Later that night I got in the tub. I then got a headache very suddenly after feeling AMAZING all day long. Soon after the headache, I started to get very itchy and swollen. I had gotten an allergic reaction from something that was in the tub. I used nothing new, but Lily was in there before me and she used something I had never used before. I took some bedadryl and bleached the tub and got back in to get whatever was on me off! I put wet tea bags on my eyes which helped a lot. Thanks Sherri for the suggestion! The benadryl made me fall asleep fast and the itching finally stopped. That was the best nights sleep I had gotten in a long time!

(One of my new best friends)
Today I woke up and was feeling fine, just tire. I skipped church and slept in. I ate lunch with my family and then went and got in the tub so I could get dressed for the day. Well, once again I got another reaction from being in there, even after I cleaned it very thoroughly. This time Lily had not been in there before me. She was not even home. So I have NO clue what is causing it. I once again got a rash, was swollen, and this time it felt hard for me to breath. It was as if a 300 pound man was sitting on my chest. I took more benadryl  and  put more wet tea bags on my eyes and the itching stopped, but not the hard breathing.

(And another new best friend)
I have NO CLUE what is causing all of this. I have no new medicine and have had no dietary changes. It is so weird. It remains a mystery! I'm glad the benadryl is helping and I have not ended up in the ER. Please pray that we figure out what is causing this and that it does not get worse. Thanks!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and has a great pain free week!

Thanks for reading my blog,


  1. I have never put tea bags on my eyes. Going to have to try that.
    Glad you got a good nights sleep and felt like getting out this weekend.

    Cindy Lou
    Keeping it Classy In Coastal Alabama

  2. I had never heard of it either until my neighbor suggested it. She use to be a nurse. I was willing to do anything to get better. I definitely recommend it. It made my eyes not dryed out. :) Have a great rest of your Sunday!

  3. Wow, weird to hear the details. I can't see your pictures for some reason. Not sure what is up with that. Do you have well water or city water? Maybe they are using something different to treat the water, if it is city? Very strange though. Hope you can get to the bottom of it.

  4. That is a good thought, but we have well water. Hoping to get to the bottom of it too, so all of this itching will stop. ;)